Covasna – the town bears the same name as the country in which it is found – is situated in the south of a depression in the arc of the Carpathians known as the Tirgu Secuiesc Depression. Named “the town of 1.000 springs”®, endowed with an abundant variety and value, unique factors of a natural cure – Covasna – which is situated 35 km east of Sfintu Gheorghe, 60 km north-east of Brasov, and 250 km north of Bucharest.

Covasna health resort has a specific geological character, and is very rich in post-volcanic showing, which is present in the room of a strong release of carbon dioxide (mofetta), or dissolved in water (carbonated water). The release of carbon gas is connected to volcanic activity which took place in the Harghita-Caliman-Gutii region.

The natural release of carbon dioxide gas can attain a purity of 98%. These gases are used in specially cared for areas, called mofettas, in concentrations of and for specific times, scientifically and rigorously controlled, which constitute an excellent and unique natural factor for treatment of many maladies.

In many countries of the world there has been an effort to treat cardio-vascular diseases with this amazing procedure, but was renounced because the piped or manufactured carbon dioxide in the necessary quantities for treatment became an enormous expenditure.

The air of the health resort is rich in negative ions, powerful ozone, and is uniquely pure. This air “cleans” the lungs and the blood, and respiration becomes much easier and profound. The negative ions are composed of an element for relaxation in the treatment of neuro-astenic illnesses.

Endowed with multiple natural curative factors, Covasna is considered by specialists as one of the most complex health resorts in Europe and clearly in the world.